Wooburn Craft School

Our main goal is to keep these craft skills alive and to share the pleasure of actually making or restoring something with your own hands. We see us helping two groups of people. The first are people wanting to seriously learn a skill as a hobby – to provide meaningful activities and creative outlets to retired people and to those who simply need a creative break from their daily routine – usually those sitting starring at a computer screen all day long. We are trying to expand to teach as many craft skills as possible allowing for as many creative escapes as possible. The second segment is to allow for improved skills to trained professionals such as furniture makers, artists to restorers/conservators and those interested in buying and / or selling antiques. We have started this program this past summer by bringing in two teachers from Ecole Boulle in Paris to teach French polishing and French upholstery. We are expanding this year by offering not only these two courses but also Marquetry, Chair Canning and Rushing, and advanced wood carving techniques.

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