Sandie Harding Book Repair & Conservation
We at Sandie Harding can breath new life into your cherished books with our repair and restoration services. No matter what condition your book is in, no matter if it has a tatty, ripped cover whether it has pages falling out or if it has decayed over a long period of time, we guarantee that we can restore it! Not every book restoration project needs re-binding careful conservation is often all it needs.


  • Book repair & restoration
  • Antiquarian book repair & restoration
  • Handmade wedding guest books
  • Map repair
  • Book conservation
  • Book binding
  • Personalised wedding books & keepsake boxes

If you have a special book in your possession that is in dire need of a repair or conservation, then we would be honored to give it a new lease of life for you. Books can quite noticeably wear over time pages fade and start to come loose covers reflect how often they are picked up and read – it would be a utter shame to let them continue to decay and get to the point where it wouldn’t be wise to use them. We have conserved and repaired many different types of books including old leather and cloth books for many different individuals such as: private clients, historic houses, museums, record offices and libraries. We are also a proud Member of the Society of Bookbinders.

We always endeavor to retain as much of the original binding as we can, whilst using only traditional and conservation grade materials and methods in our restoration work. Our main aim is to prolong the life of the book whilst retaining it’s original appearance. The pricing of conservation and book repairs is difficult without seeing the book first, so if you have a book in mind then we would love to see it and then we can quote you a price.

As an added bonus, we also offer a range of bespoke, handmade books and boxes, individually made to order. We can create something that matches your taste, theme and colour, and also what it will be bond in such as leather, suede or linen. They make a special item to mark any special occasion in you life like a wedding or birthday. Many have used this service to let us create a personalised handmade Wedding Guestbook for their big day.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or visit our website to see some of our past projects we have done.

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