Maxwells Of Wilmslow Ltd

We are an auction business that is owned by Max Blackmore. Mr Blackmore has over thirty five years experience and this business has been a huge success, so big in fact we have had to move from our London branch to somewhere in Cheshire because it is a business expanding so much. Our new sale room however is a lot better than previously, with both M60 and M56 we have an easy access to close railway lines and also have a big car park so we can make sure everyone has an easy accessible way of reaching us. Here at Maxwell’s we have a fully capable team of staff raring to help you. So if you have no experience or want to know is auction is right for you then we are here to help you! We are not delighted to announce that Tom Blackmore is now joining us and he has just graduated from Leeds University.

How we can help you

We can help you in many ways and help you understand how auctioning is just so fantastic. We can give you a free look and sale estimate of your product that you want selling. If want you want or like is just some sales advice and asking how auctioning could benefit you, we will also be happy to help. We have many staff over the showrooms and in the salerooms that will be on your way to gaining money. If you want a whole house clearance we are also happy to help you and can arrange transport and disposal of your items. For any evaluation we will be happy to tell you what sort of price region you will be gaining from your sale item.

What can buying and selling bring you?

With our helpful website (click here for online catalogue)you can access the online catalogue or when visiting the show room and auction room we will provide you with a hardback catalogue. This is helpful so you know what is selling and then you can collect your antique in a fun interesting way and more that likely you will be able to get it from cheaper by auctioning with us. When buying as well our helpful staff will be around to make sure you get the specific item you want at a reasonable price, so then you know that an auction is something you will be happy to get back too.

Address & Contact

Our Address

133a Woodford Road,, Woodford, Stockport, Cheshire. SK7 1QD