Jackie’s Attic
We at Jackie’s Attic specialise in selling collectable animal figures from around the world.

We sell quality collectable animal figures from a variety of manufacturers:

  • Hagen-Renaker – We are an authorised dealer for Hagen-Renaker animals and we stock both Miniature animals and the Specialty figures. We also have a large range of retired figures, manufactured in the USA since the mid 1940s.
  • John Beswick animal figures from the UK – We are authorised dealers for John Beswick animals and stock most of the current range. The John Beswick collection represents the world’s finest tradition for ceramic animal sculptures. Every piece is hand painted to reflect the natural glory of our favourite animals, with collections featuring horses, farm animals, birds, pets and wildlife studies.

  • Klima miniature animal figures from France, the Klima factory in France has been producing unique miniature porcelain animals for 25 years. Each model is produced by hand and manufactured in Thailand.
  • Little Critterz, beautifully detailed, hand painted miniature porcelain figurines made in Thailand. Popularly known as the “Rose of the North”. Each charming figure in the Little Critterz collection is designed with a touch of whimsy by talented artisans and is individually hand painted.
  • Lomonosov Founded in 1744 by Peter the Great’s daughter, Empress Elizabeth, Lomonosov Porcelain is one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Europe with more than 300 different types of animal figurines made at the factory in Russia every one of them is hand-made and hand-painted.

  • North Light @ Wade animal figures from the UK renowned worldwide for their high quality and true-to-life detail. They are beautifully crafted in a mixture of ceramic and resin, with the addition of porcelain powder. This manufacturing process allows for the very fine detail demonstrated in the figures. Each figure is hand painted and finished in a matt glaze.
  • Northern Rose offers miniature porcelain animals, a range of beautifully detailed, hand painted miniature porcelain figurines from the same manufacturer as Little Critterz.
  • Quail Ceramics from the UK, manufactured in Thailand. Quail is best known for its vast array of animals, bird and cat ceramics that are produced as both figurines and useful products. These designs offer customers an accurate representation plus a utilitarian purpose. They are also attractive to collectors. “The Moggies” are Quail’s long established range of named collectable cats. They go from strength to strength and are collected around the world.
  • Scitalis porcelain animal figures from Astrakhan in Russia. Each piece is carefully hand painted, so no two are exactly the same and colours may vary slightly from one piece to another. The factory mark, a stylised Russian ‘S’ (which looks like an English ‘C’), appears on the base of each animal.
  • Wagner & Apel porcelain animal figures from Germany produce an extensive range of handcrafted and hand painted porcelain figures. Because Lippelsdorf is located in eastern Germany, until the fall of the Berlin wall these beautiful pieces were unavailable to the UK market. At Jackie’s Attic we are proud to be one of the very few UK suppliers of these delightful figures.

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