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We at Desktop Leathers, specialise in replacement leathers for all types of desks and writing surfaces. We can send leathers by post and we are happy to supply instructions and advise on fitting if needed. We may be a small firm but we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and we always try to tailor our leathers to suit the customer’s individual requests. We have a selection of standard Skivers to suit most needs, but if you want a certain special colour than we can hand dye it. To give an fantastic finish to all hides we hand dye them all.

Desktop Leather has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience since we first established the firm in the 1950’s and we have a long tradition of supplying high quality replacement leathers to the antiques trade and to private customers. The founder of Desktop Leather, Charles Cope has a background in furniture restoration having studied at Ryecotwood and West Dean Colleges, so please do not hesitate in coming to us for our services.

We have over 36 and counting tooling patterns for you to choose from, which are available in gold, black, silver or blind (which is no colour at all). You can choose either one or a few patterns to sit along side each other on the desk and the best bit is: the amount does not affect the pricing! An example of a typical desktop pattern has a simple black tooling around the outer edge with one or more lines in gold inside that.

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We have a large range of colours for you to choose from, Skivers come in a set of colours. We hand dye the hides, by either rolling them to give a smooth finish or a grained effect which shows the natural pattern of the skin. If there is a certain colour you wish to use instead then we can hand dye it.

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Corner and Centre Motifs
We have a variety of corner and centre motifs for you to chose from. They all come in the same colours as the tooling patterns – Gold, Black, Silver or blind. Just like the amount of tooling patterns, they are free of charge and of course optional.

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So the big question is, what is our price list, well as you will see they are at a very competitive rate. Skiver – GBP14.25 per square foot. Hide – GBP19.65 per square foot. Please call for a quote today!

Options For Fitting The Leather
We are very happy to fit your leather for you however it is quite a simple procedure so you may wish to fit it yourself. On our website we have an illustrated guild to help you achieve that. You can download PDF versions with pictures or without, as well as general tips for desks and writing boxes.

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Leathers can be ordered over the phone by calling 01245 227243 if they are just a simple rectangular shape. For any curved and irregular leathers requests, we will need you to send us a paper template cut to the exact size and shape you require. An important thing to remember is to write “Top” on the upper surface so that we don’t send you a mirror image of what you want!

Things we will need to know are the size, type of leather, the colour and the tooling patterns you would like, the information for these can be found on our website. However we also have a brochure to help you choose, which can be sent out to you when you give us a call.

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