York Bookbinding
We at York Bookbinding are bookbinders specialising in Book Restoration, Theses Binding & Wedding Albums. We offer a comprehensive service across the complete spectrum, from sympathetic restoration in cloth or leather, to hard bound theses and ‘perfect’ binding for dissertations or collections of papers. We often bind single or multiple copies of corporate papers, periodical magazines, photo/wedding albums etc.

Additionally we manufacture boxes and protective slip cases to either standard or customised specifications over an extensive range of designs, colours and materials. We pride ourselves on being able to guarantee an efficient quality service to suit individual needs and budgets.

We not only have individual customers come to us to have their personal out of print cloth or leather books restored or rebound, but we also have bound books restored for clients such as: York Minster, Castle Howard and other private collections and stately homes. Customers bring in their much loved books in various conditions, from relatively young books to ones that are hundreds of years old. Most books that come to us are bound in either cloth or leather and require a much needed restoration to maintain their appearance, whilst giving it lasting strength.

It does not matter what condition the book is in, there is always a technique that we can perform to restore it to its former glory. Sometimes the sewing is damaged and the book needs sewing repairs, or it may need it to be completely striping down and resewn. Other times it may need the page tears repaired, which can also be very time consuming, but rarely impossible to preserve the remaining material.

Our restoration services are very competitively priced!
The pricing of cloth repairs or re binds start from just GBP45.00 and can be up to GBP120.00 if page repairs or re sewing is needed. Leather repairs on the other hand normally start at GBP120.00, however for larger books prices can start from GBP200.00 plus.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services alternatively you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest projects, news and deals:

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