Since we first founded in London in 1666, we at Spink and Son Ltd have developed a fantastic reputation for being a world premier collectables auction house. Our speciality is in auctioning and doing private sales of stamps, coins, banknotes, medals, bonds & shares, autographs, books and fine wines. As an independent firm, we continue to uphold a long tradition of professional expertise and friendly customer service whilst also being forward-thinking and dynamic.

Our team of specialists have a combined experience of over 400 years, and whose knowledge of our various markets is unsurpassed! In addition to our activities in our London base, we also hold regular auctions in New York, Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore and are present at all major shows and trade fairs across the world.

No other auction house that deals with collectables offers such a wide range of services to the collector or to those seeking advice on disposing of single items or a collection. And the items we auction are very broad too, from historical british coins to foreign medals & bank notes – we have it all!

STAMPS: Our stamp department offers an annual calendar of wide-ranging auctions of general, specialist one-country and single-owner sales, often resulting in record-breaking prices. The stamps we offer spand from across the world and go back to some the very first ones created. This particular department has historical links to Robson Lowe, one of the greatest 20th Century philatelists, whose business was bought by Christie’s in 1980 and integrated into Spink in 1995.

COINS: Spink’s coin department is based in our centrally located London showroom, which displays a vast array of coins. You will find experts on British hammered and milled coinage and also ancient Greek, Roman, Indian & Islamic coins and medallions. We even have a bullion department!

BANKNOTES: Our Banknote Department prides itself on being the market leader for British and World Banknotes at auction. In this new and rapidly expanding market, we consistently obtain record prices for a broad range of paper money from across the world.

MEDALS: We have been buying and selling war medals since they first appeared after the Napoleonic Wars. We currently hold three medal auctions per year, in April, July, and November. We are renowned worldwide for being one of the top auction houses for medals and have even set world records for sales!

AUTOGRAPHS: SPINK prides itself in offering some of the finest historical autographs from across the centuries and around the world! From historial figures such as Louis XIV and Churchill musical legends like Beethoven and Hendrix renowned artists such as Monet and Warhol literary masters like Dickens and Hemingway to scientific pioneers such as Darwin and Curie – we are the number one place for quality autographs!

We have several Catalogues of our stock which can be accessed through the Spink website or via the Spink App which is available for iPhone and iPad. Our site is always updating so you should keep checking to see if something catches your eye!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or you can visit our social media pages to hear about our latest auctions, news and deals:

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