The Dolls House (Established 1971)
We at The Dolls House were the first specialist dolls house shop in the whole of the UK. Collectors & children are more than welcome to come at their leisure and immerse themselves in the world of miniature! We have everything from a vast array of handmade, finely detailed dolls house as well as a range of dolls, furniture, accessories, casting and books for you to browse.

We first opened in Marylebone in 1971, then in Covent Garden between 1980-95, and then we moved to our current location in Northleach, a delightful little town in the heart of the Cotswolds. Our quaint shop has everything for the dolls house enthusiast – we have simple starter homes for 3 year olds, plus some some antique or secondhand homes. We can even create bespoke houses made to order, so if you want to treat someone or even yourself, to a house that resembles your own or one based on a particular design / period, we can do it for you!

All of our furniture pieces are scaled down one twelfth (one inch = one foot). We have many sets to choose from, such as: elegant drawing room furniture, pine kitchens and bedrooms, as well as 17th century oak furniture, and a wide selection of handmade and mass-produced pieces. Our dolls are all Individually handmade in period and modern styles by English craftsmen. As for accessories, we have hand turned pottery, finely modelled figurines, pictures, chess sets, cutlery, china, bedding, plus much, much more!

We even have a selection of books available too, that looks into how to build a dolls house to how to furnish one to lists of the best antique pieces.

We guarantee there will be something for everyone… we find that visitors can’t help but spend ages just looking at all the detail and intricacy of every piece – and there is ALOT to see!! So why not pop down today and see for yourself what we have to offer.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or stock – we would love to hear from you! Or you can simply visit our social media page to hear about our latest builds, news and deals:

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