A family run business Established in 1910 offering a complete restoration and repair service for all furnishings, antique or modern including: – Antique Restoration ~ Clock Restoration, Pictures, Mirrors, Rush and Cane Seating.

Furniture Repair ~ All types of furniture repair. Disaster & Flood Management, Insurance and site work.

Rush & Cane Seating ~

Polishing – Revive tired, worn, stained and distressed furniture ~

Upholstery – service includes traditional upholstery, deep buttoning, stuff over seats, squab seats, drop in seats and leather coverings ~

Inlays – Throughout the ages, master craftsmen have inlaid wood, shell, mother of pearl, horn or ivory. We use these same techniques enabling us to bring new life to damaged treasures. ~
Marquetry ~

Gilding ~

Paintings – We can restore your picture to its original standard of beauty. ~

Clocks – Clock restoration is carried out to the highest standards including case restoration, face painting, clock movement repair and overhaul. ~

Mirrors ~


covering the Leeds and Harrogate areas.